Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Little Egg Mice

Hello, im here again to blog.. ^^
i used to blog everyday last time. Update my life, my matters, and share my happiness.
Yes, i did have a wonderful life during my foundation year.
Its doesnt mean i dun have it now, it just extremely wonderful nowadays until i got no time to blog.
Well, i promise i will return back to all those days i used to be!
(perhaps i really have those time!)

It is Chu 8 today.. My house kinda E.M.P.T.Y.
Everybody went to work again after one long week of CNY celebration!
It is time for me to really start my revision as well!
I took my notes or paper here and there and not really reading on them
Now im regret.. T^T

Well, i wake up at the noon (we used to be during holiday) =D
i start to take out my papers and all that
but grandma calling for chores in the house!
No mood at the end.. =(
I like cooking life nowadays, preparing for the beloved one especially!
but, he always claims that those food doesn't taste good. =.=
Well, among all meals, i prefer breakfast all time!
I got my self this today

two little mice.. one love one round.. ^^
Get inspiration fr Eegoh jie jie bento book! The soon bento expert!
The egg mice smell so nice now.. I wanna eat them up! bye bye~

His 23rd

It is babe's 23rd..
Well, the first birthday that i be with this bad guy.
I called him Babe, Bad guy, Babi
all Bs for him!

He broke the promise.
i date him earlier that i will be return to cyber on 27th (one day b4 his birthday)
it is too early for me to go back, coz i feel like enjoying the new year celebration!
I planned everything, the customize cup cakes fr BunsInTheOven with Snoopy theme will arrive on 27th
then i shall stay a surprise night for him.
I planned to have nice lunch at meal at TGIF at Sunway (It is saturday! So, we can go church after that!)
I planned to buy his favourite watch G- Shock!

All is spoiled.

"Hey dear, im going back on monday! My mum want me to go home for the chinese new year celebration!"
Okie.. I have to accept! he got the chances to go back home, is it a bad news or good news?
Yar, good for him, bad for me!
dooms day..........................................

the first birthday with him, its definitely means a lot for me!
but for him, "aiya.. no need celebrate la..."
this is G.U.Y. =.=

Fr my phone! ^^

Fr his iPad.. =D

Love u babe!! This super naughty baby! =D 

I got my new IC!! no more kiddy face but BABY face in new ic.. *faint*

Friday, January 6, 2012

Extreme late Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner!

Here come to the housemate Christmas dinner + gift exchange!
yea, i knew.. it is very late..
but we did enjoy the fun for the dinner!
Guess what? We having dinner at 930pm (no choice, they end their labtest so late)
Its gonna be very stressful if we choose to dinner at the town, we scare by the time we reach, the shop already close!
So, we have this.. Pizza Pizza @ Domain. It is a Iranian Pizza Shop if i not mistaken!
The pizza is nice, full of cheese on top!
Slurrrpp~ (too hungry, when the food arrived, i forget to take picture) =|
Fr left, Zac, Jowin, Tonny and Steven
Well, here is all our pressie for exchange! Before we start to exchange, each of us giving hints on what we had purchase!
hahha.. each of them are so nervous they will get the so-called "useless" stuff!
So, we exchanged the gift N times, until each of us are satisfied!

Everyone have their "satisfied" pressie! =)

Merry Christmas and Yippie New year! =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Teng Jie's Wedding~

I deleted all the post in this blog. Planning to delete all the blog posts but IDK HOW TO DELETE.

Think over again.

It is good to lemmi have a blog. Means, i can craps all the times, always i mean.

Lemmi think... yeah, lemmi blog about ma cousin's wedding!
here we go~!

Teng jie jie is the 2nd eldest cousin in Tan family, she got the first place to marriage. Congrates!

24th September, 2011 is one of my final exam day. After exam, my uncle straight pick me up and balik kampung!

KeeHean gor gor is my mother kai zai, so i call him gor gor, and he call me mei mei.
He is strong, hold the 3 devils in one time! Spot the pink color devil, she is so evil!

both are my cousins, see mei mei.. so kiut! 

This is the eldest devil, Yu Hen. He is so handsome!
This is the second one, Yu Ze. He like to cry, got my gene.
i am so happy to have all 3 kiut cousins, they cheers my days always.
sometime i need to take care 3 of them, 
pom pom with them,
mum mum with them, 
make nen nen for them, 
oioi with them and
play with them. 
sometime i even get mad and fight with them. and... the winner always is the youngest one. @@

This fellow, Yu Jia

Teng Teng jie jie's actual wedding fall on 25th.
We had buffet dinner at her house at 24th. 
Teng Teng jie jie shock me with a task, she want me to be her bridesmaid, keeping her angpao-s and Jewelleries. Im a million rich girl that day, luckily no one knows im keeping so much money in my bags.
well, as the absent-ism of the photographer in the family -- my bro,
i had to become the photographee that day! @@
Im the multitasking girl of being a million rich bridesmaid, photographee and.. 
Yu Jia's baby siter!

one of mine most satisfied piece. im not an expert i knew, but i like to take photos! =)

my eldest cousin in Tan family and me! Credit to my cousin, Yu Hen,  he is talented. 

little uncle's whole family and youngest aunty
She so happy, coz first time ppl pour tea for her to drink. @@ and no need give ang pao
Lucky ya, girl!
Teng Jie jie in "KUA".. with all the aunties and the youngest cousin, sobs, without me again. =|
Almost complete and yet not yet complete de family photos. too many ppls in the family, all are busy all are gone, and one, without me again. =|

Happy marriage Teng jie jie and Hong gor gor... =)

mei mei said BUH BYE!